As the parent of a struggling teenager, you wonder what you can do to help.


You’ve been there through tough times, encouraging new strategies, providing a shoulder to lean on, but nothing seems to consistently help. Seeking counseling for your child can be intimidating - you want to find a counselor who will connect with your teen, provide incredible support, and keep you up to speed. 

By helping your teen seek counseling, you’re communicating the all-important message, “you’re ready to seek help on your own, you’re important, and I believe in you.” It’s an empowering, positive step in the direction of independence, and one that teen clients often tell me was a huge step in their relationships with their parents. 

Because I work specifically with preteens, teens, and young adults, I offer afternoon and evening appointments so that you don’t have to worry about missing school or after-school activities. Together, we’ll create a customized plan to help your teen feel better. Schedule your free 50-minute consultation today! I can’t wait to meet you.



Providing evidence-based, compassionate, and genuine counseling services for young people.

Some of life’s greatest challenges present themselves during the critical life stages of adolescence and early adulthood. My aim is to support young people in overcoming these challenges, in discovering the amazing people they truly are, and helping them navigate the world with courage and confidence.


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